Moving home…

…continuing with the theme of moving on, my blog is moving home! I think Happymousefairy mentioned “having a yarn” in a recent comment which is amusing to me and proof that we are indeed “in tune” because at the same time that she was typing that, I was registering the address for my new blog:

…will aim to blog about yarn purchases (the yarn diet is nearly over!), knitting projects, being a working mum and my challenge for 2012 which is to buy one skein of yarn in each country that I visit ūüôā

Hope to see you on the other side!


…but there is cheap yarn

…I have some stock left over and will be selling it at reduced costs on Ebay …

Contact me at if you’re interested in anything from Artesano, Manos del Uruguay and Rico Design.

And now … the end is near …

Well, what a long time it is since I blogged – pretty much a whole month. Forgive me, blogosphere, and forgive me blog readers. Blogtoberfest obviously took my all!

Big news here at¬† Yarnsville. Having resigned from a job in which I wasn’t very happy at all, I started Yarnsville. And it was one of the best times ever and I learned a lot and I met a lot of lovely people and I had so much fun. But learnings and nice folk and fun don’t, unfortunately, pay the mortgage and it became time that I sought paid work once more.

In this economic climate, I feel very very fortunate to have found a job that¬†I could do, really wanted to do, and I feel even luckier to be formally offered that job today – the first job I applied for in my job search I got!! I am, as of January 2012 anyway, the Global Continuous Improvement Manager for the Harley Davidson Motor Company, and I’m very happy to be so. There’s a lot of history in my career and I’ve been carrying some baggage but I’ve finally been able to let go of that with this job and it feels great.

But Рa 40 hour week, a 2 hour a day commute to and from Oxford, and a role that involves frequent travel to the USA, Singapore and Latin America, as well as my more familiar Europe Рmeans that I simply cannot continue with Yarnsville.

So I’m thrilled to be moving forward to new and exciting times, and finally using the skills I’ve worked so hard to gain, but I look back on the Yarnsville times – not with sadness for I have no regrets – but with fondness. What has characterised the period for me, apart from being surrounded by some very lovely yarns, has been the people. I can’t name them all here, there are too many – but all the customers who I’ve helped chose the right yarn, and have come back and back again made the time worthwhile. I have had the fortune to meet some incredible people that I now consider friends, and felt truly welcomed into the knitterly community by some awesome people around the industry from magazine eds to designers. Then there are those who were friends before Yarnsville and are friends now, who stayed true throughout, offered inspiration and hope and sometimes just a kick up my rear. Couldn’t have done it without them. Through this blog I’ve become¬†a regular reader of some really awesome blogs, and my Google Reader is bulging with posts everyday. I shall continue to read! And of course, the super brilliant folks at Artesano deserve a special mention for their kindness, patience, and the most squooshiest yarns ever.

Now I have really enjoyed having a blog though¬†I haven’t been so frequent in posting of late. There was a lot going on, not to mention a two and a half hour final interview that involved 2 presentations, 3 role plays and 3 other meetings with two senior directors! Still, my dilemma remains, do I continue to have a blog and post updates on my projects, my yarn purchases (YAY! The yarn diet is over! Its a good thing to do, but oh boy, I have some yarn shopping to do!), et al? I suspect I should use a different address so maybe that is what I will do, I hope you will all follow me on the other side.

So, thanks for everything, its been a blast xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WIP Wednesday


In a bid to push my boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone I am trying to manage several – well, more than one – projects at once. It makes for content on WIP Wednesday if not too much on FO Friday, and it keeps my mind busy!

So, here we are. The easy peasy fingerless mitts are now, well half a pair …

Yarnsville GloveYarnsville Glove from Above

I have used Artesano Superwash for these gloves, in Lime Green and I was really pleased by it. Of course, I should expect no less, its 100% merino and all Artesano yarns of of a very high quality, but for some reason I was. I love how soft it is, I love its squishiness, and its lovely to work with. I have a bit of the dreaded second glove syndrome, but will get moving on it.  My mum, mitt freak that she is, is waiting patiently!

Second on the needles at the moment is something that will both delight and disappoint in equal measure. Let’s do the delighting bit first. Happymousefairy, do you recall our first meeting when you so kindly gifted me a Zauberball in blacks and browns and maroons. I was so full of hope, but an early cast on proved fruitless and frustrating. I considered giving it back, or gifting it on, but something told me that I should hold onto this little baby. And now, I was proved right … look! yarnsville sock
I did all this in one evening using teensy siny 2.75mm circs. I used Magic Loop because I have mislaid my 20cm circs (very annoying indeed I really wanted to use them!). The colours are all a little out thanks to the camera flash, but I was in love with the pattern which was plain stockinette on one side and featured a flowing river of rib down the front. I did a whole 43 rounds in just one evening, which is a 10 round rib section and a whole pattern repeat of 33 rounds.
Sock with Zauberball
Happymousefairy would, I knew, be a very Happymousefairy indeed knowing that her Zauberball was being loved and that I was further tackling and getting to grips with the finer yarns of life. So, I tried the semi-sock on, and it was a little tight. “Oh well, I thought, not to worry … mum’s legs are slimmer than mine and at least these socks are not baggy like most of mine are…”. So, in readiness for my stall at Richmond Market the following day, I poddled off to bed, happy with the achievement. So happy with the achievement was I that I couldn’t sleep, so I was browing Ravelry on my tablet PC. I looked at the pattern for my socks once more, and then it hit me … “Yarn Weight:DK“. I had knit a pattern designed for Double Knit in 4ply. Make no wonder they were tight!

So my WIP socks were frogged and the Zauberball was whole once more. I found a new pattern – Monkey by Cookie A (another Happymousefairy fave) but I am doing a No Purl version. I have cast on and done a few rounds of ribbing but I’m still very sore from the sock disaster that just befell me!

I am hoping to receive the yarn from Jamieson & Smith this week so that I can divide it into 3 – no easy job with 9 balls of yarn with strange names like Yuglet and all natural colours so no easy definition of which is which. Once seperated I shall be sharing with my fellow Sheep Heid makers and I’m hoping to cast on my version too!

FO Friday

Regrettably you will have noticed the distinct lack of Blogtivity in the past few days. Epic blog fail on my part I am afraid. Life, and working out the Ebay API amongst other things, just got in the way. Who knew that being a full time mum, housewife and yarn shop owner would be so very challenging?!

However, my time away has not been fruitless … I have two FO’s to announce! This is somewhat rare for me, being a somewhat slow knitter and also faithful to one project at a time. But this week I have two. I’m not sure if I was sage enough to add these projects to my Year of Projects list, but c’est la vie.

So, firstly … ta dah! The P/Hop Cranfords:

Yarnsville Cranford Mitts
Even the uninitiated will probably be able to spot the second, and more successful, mitt, but I’m learning to be less harsh on myself and I’m actually proud that (a) I completed a project in yarn thinner than DK (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, sportweight no less!) and (b) it was my first lace project. So on two counts I’m happy. What’s more, so is my mother who I gifted them to during a recent visit oop North. She is proudly wearing them to work to keep cold light bulbs away from her hands.
More Yarnsville mitts

The second FO of this week is actually a miracle. A truly incredible happening that I am still in shock and awe about.

Yesterday, I received a consignment of yarn for Yarnsville from Rico Design. Now, you can imagine the joy for someone like me – and likely like you too – of receiving a large box stacked to the gunnells full of yarn. I’ve been stocking Rico Design for the popular Can Can, but with each weekly order I am trying others of their products. Now, since I got hooked on ¬†introduced to 100% natural fibre yarns about a year ago, I have had somewhat of the yarn snob about me, shunning lesser manmade fibres and joking about squeakiness and flammability. And I will only sell yarn in Yarnsville that I myself love and would happily knit with. So I was a little wary about ordering their Fashion Super Chunky as it had 40% acrylic content, along with a respectable 60% new wool fibre. So I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday when, after ripping open carefully opening my box, I was able to squish and squash the 100g balls in black, emerald, bordeaux, grey and fuschia. The colours are good, and the yarn has a good squish about it. But the most wonderful thing – pointed out to me by my way more scientific than me husband – was the yardage, or in this case meterage. 100g gets you 90m, which in Super Chunky terms, is a LONG WAY! I had already queued the “Big Wool Little Hat” project on Ravelry, and now I felt this was the optimum time to start it. So, I cast on, continuing to be pleased with the yarn handle and how it was knitting up. Its a loose single ply as is the trend for these ultra bulky yarns. I chose the grey colourway, which seems to be rather on trend at the moment.

Seth in Yarnsville HatAnd by the end of Shameless, a mere 2 hours after I started, I got this (Nb Hat, not toddler):
I love the design, with its mossy ear flaps and cute elfish peak. The pattern was clear and easy to follow, and the yarn was – well – just fine – to work with.Seth in Elf Hat

Its stitch definition is great too.
Yarnsville Rico Design Stitch Definition And what’s more, this hat weighs a mere 48g so I have more than half (by 1g!) of the 100g ball left, with which I plan to make a Quick Cabled Cowl (again, not on YOP list, doh!)

I shall likely not be back in Blogland again before Monday as I am attending the Richmond Craft & Artisan Market on Sunday. It’s organised by the same person who runs the Ruislip Duck Pond Market, and I love going there. Its soooooo not like working! I have met some lovely people, and I get to talk about and demonstrate yarns and knitting all day!

Off to check out some other FO Friday posts at Tami’s Amis ūüôā

Thoughtful Thursday


What happened to Making Monday, I hear you call! Well, Natalie the Yarn Yard is currently en vacance, so Making Monday is suspended until she returns, hopefully tanned and relaxed!

For this week’s Trading Tuesday post we have some very exciting special offers to celebrate the launch of a brand new knitting magazine titled “Knit Now”. This magazine, which retails at ¬£4.99 from all good newsagents, features a massive 43 stylish patterns within its pages, and the magazine has made a conscious decision to focus only on smaller projects such as bags, accessories like scarves, gloves, socks, hats and the like, as well as some baby garments. No adult garments will be found though, as research led the magazine folks to believe that most knitters don’t have the time to knit and complete large adult garment projects. As a knitter of small items myself – exclusively so, so far – I can definitely attest to this. Whilst my project monogamy remains, I simply cannot commit to one project for the months that it would likely take me. So I much prefer smaller items, quicker gratification, and less frustration if you fall out of love with the project midway through. Packed with gorgeous designs, I would definitely recommend this magazine to anyone wanting fun, well designed, interesting smaller projects and ideas.

Issue 1 features Artesano and Manos del Uruguay yarns quite heavily so I am delighted to be able to offer the yarns featured in these patterns as Special Offers – with up to 30% discount from RRP! A full list of special offers can be found here, including the ability to buy online, and here are the highlights:

Chunky cables are so on trend this winter and the high street is full of them! Why not make your own trendy tote bag using Artesano Aran, a luxurious blend of alpaca and highland Peruvian wool? 30% discount against RRP!

The incredibly generous yardage of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend means that you can create this roomy and luxurious snood with just one skein! Can be worn either over the head as a hood for those unexpected autumnal showers, or round the neck for cosy warmth! 26% discount from RRP!

Create something really striking with this quirky pompom scarf made from just one skein of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarn!

This advent calendar is sure to be a family heirloom, used year after year. Buy all the yarn required for this project with a 23% discount against RRP!
Be sure to visit for more information, or email!