New ventures..

Hello world. Welcome to my new blog and my new venture,

I hope to be able to bring you informative and interesting commentary as I go on this journey of discovery that is known as “my new job” or “being the owner of”!

Yarnsville came out of my interest – bordering on obsession – with yarn crafts. One of my most enduring memories of childhood was a granny square bedspread made for me by my grandmother, who was capable of producing the most exquisite crochet. The colours, shapes and textures reminded me of Licquorice Allsorts and I always found new things to see in that blanket. The blanket was long lost, but as I embarked on having a family of my own I was saddened that this heritage of craft had not been passed down, and was dying out with each generation. Knowing the comfort that these yarny items had brought and the joy that my grandmother had bought to people with her handcrafted goods, I set about teaching myself to crochet. I was surprisingly adept and learnt quickly, and I was soon able to reproduce some of my grandmothers thread crochet coasters. Wishing to diversify and expand my craft, and now understanding the “mechanics” of crochet, I learnt to knit. I joined a wonderful knitting group where my confidence in my abilities has been bolstered and my enjoyment for the craft has grown.

I started Yarnsville as a way of bringing the craft which has provided me and my family so much enjoyment to others so that the craft heritage continues. Offering the full range of Artesano and Manos del Uruguay yarns, I am delighted to be able to provide such quality products which are ethically sourced, and in the case of Manos – fair trade. As a woman in the West I feel fortunate to have had a great career and much freedom. The life I have enjoyed thus far is not one open to all, and Manos del Uruguay yarn is hand spun and dyed by local women in Uruguay so that they can have jobs in their local rural areas and remain with their families rather than migrate to big cities where their quality of life would be worse. Each skein of yarn, apart from being absolutely beautiful, supports those less fortunate than me and is signed by the artisan who created it so you can see the provenence of each skein.

I aim to provide innovate services to yarn craftsfolk, like needle hire and skein winding, so that you can try the craft without necessarily investing in lots of equipment. I’m also running a local Knit Night knitting group to share my love of yarn and knitting with other local people.

Yarnsville is a primarily internet based company, but for me, its success lies very much with people. Technology is a medium but does not replace the benefits or joy of connecting with others, so I would love to hear your feedback about this blog, or any of my products.

Welcome to my new venture, may it be an adventure!


One response to “New ventures..

  1. happymousefairy

    Hurrah, congratulations on launching yarnsville! I love the story behind why you’ve set it up, and I’m very interested to read your commentaries as you write them! Will you be doing book/designer/pattern reviews?

    Good luck!

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