Reasons That I Am Grateful…

Hello World!

I have not blogged for a little while which is awfully bad form of a new blogger I suppose, but in my defence I have enjoyed a week’s holiday in Picardy, France. Whilst I did have some intermittent Wifi access on the campsite, it was all used up to fuel my knitting frenzy that seemed to have overtaken me. I produced two socks and one and three quarters of a hat which, for me, is very impressive indeed. I shall upload pictures of the items as soon as I can to prove that they really exist! I shall even wear the socks on the picture to prove that not only do they exist, they look like socks too!

But onto my topic for today – reasons that I am grateful today, despite the grey, overcast, blustery weather. A list follows!

– Last night was the inaugural meeting of the “Yarnsville Knit Night”. My friend from another knitting group (or two) was there early to greet me and settled me in with a nice cup of coffee. Being a natural born “glass half empty” person I was sure that I would enjoy a quiet night with  my pal and our needles and not much else. We were chatting away when all of a sudden in burst a tangle of knitters (seems like a good collective description!) – 4 ladies of various ages, 3 of whom were all together. They were shortly followed by another lady and her daughter. I was completely amazed that I had 8 at my first ever Knit Night, and I felt like a birthday girl! The group seemed to gel straight away, and we all wasted no time in comparing projects, sharing equipment and everyone was very generous in offering their time and skills to help others out with areas they might have been stuck with. I, personally, spent a lot of time in awe of the abilities of all of the knitters – who ranged from a 13 year old who had learnt to knit during a visit to the Shetland islands a few weeks ago and was now cabling like a pro, to a new mother who finished the most exquisite cardigan for her daughter on her due date (and then her daughter had the cheek to be 10 days late!), and a lady who had been knitting for all of two weeks and was mastering purls. We had a crocheter in our midst as well as a lady who was knitting Jelly Babies (yum). I did have a complaint that once a month wasn’t often enough to meet and it should be fortnightly, which is a very nice complaint to get, and I agreed with the sentiment that it felt that everyone knew each other. I was very relaxed in the company of these lovely knitters and it felt like we were an old group, not the newly formed knitting gang that we were. We discussed plans to do some group knitting for Lisa’s Stars, a charity very close to my heart, and we finally left the venue nearly an hour and a half after the scheduled end time! I am very grateful to be part of such a wonderful knitting group, and to have received such a good turnout for the first time!

2) Today was another first for me and Yarnsville, my first time selling my wares on a market – namely Hartley Wintney in Hampshire. With help from my husband late last night I had all my stock from Artesano, Manos del Uruguay, Brittany and Sunflower Swifts packed into my car, and I was relieved to see upon waking this morning that it wasn’t raining. My biggest fear was that I would not sell a single item, but I was pleasantly surprised to make a few sales of the beautiful Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend, and also the brand new Artesano Superchunky. Silk Blend proved a real crowd pleaser with lots of people stopping to stroke it, and who can blame them! I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of lovely and genuine people today, not all of whom bought, but all of whom were interested to chat about yarn with me. My friend, mentioned above, was kind enough to bring over some shade cards that I had forgotten, and it was lovely to see her, I was touched at the support shown by her and also Jenny from Artesano. A lovely day in the fresh air surrounded by yarn and nice people – very grateful!

3) At 1pm today my little boy arrived with sandwiches for me and gave me the biggest hug imaginable. I was very proud to stand behind my yarn stall with him and that hug really warmed my heart, but sadly not my feet which were freezing!

4) I have been married to my lovely husband for nine years today. He’s my best friend and the 9/10ths of a decade that I’ve been his wife have gone by in a flash.

So what is not to be grateful for!? I am a very lucky lady 🙂


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