Dear Blog,

I am very sorry that I have neglected you of late. In my defence I have been busy selling the most delightful yarns and pleasing customers with the colours, the softness, the smooshyness of my Artesano and Manos yarns. But I know this doesn’t matter to you, dear Blog, you still feel sad and lonely and I am hereby promising to rectify that.

I O U at least one post a week and I aim to provide more.

I O U reviews on the new yarn in my range, Artesano Superchunky. I also OU a review of the magical effects that Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend has on members of the public.

And I O U pictures, lots of them. You and I know that you and I know many who love a good yarn p*rn session and who am I to deprive them.

I must dash now, blog, as I have a stock check to do. Harking back to my days as a Saturday girl in Tesco’s a stock take would have had me groaning and moaning, but a stock check of yarn – well its an excuse to sit amongst its wonder and glory all morning. I’m in no rush to finish it!

So blog, I promise I will love you and tend to you more.

Cross my heart x


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