Mists and mellow fruitfulness…

… or bright sunshine, blue skies and temperatures of over 30 degrees!

I was born in October some, ahem, years ago, and I remember the season to involve the excavation of winter coats from their summer hibernation, switching to Ready Brek to provide essential central heating, and jumping in leaves.

This October 2nd found me, my significant other and Number One Son, in the park. Having a picnic. Which is incredible really since we didn’t even do that all summer!

My summer view

My view of the summery picnic

There may just be something in the theories around Seasonally Affected Disorder, because the bright sunshine, and bare skin enducing temperatures also warmed my moods and instilled peacefulness and hopefulness and contentment. Indeed, as I lolled on the picnic blanket yesterday I thought to myself “Yes. This is what I left work to do”. Of course, I left work to develop my own business and be the primary carer for NOS, and I must fulfil those duties regardless of meteorogical conditions, but there is something about the glorious October weather that fills the heart with joy at just being.

Joy At Being

Here is some of that joy overspilling...

The unseasonal weather also got me spotting a whole load of colours that I would like to inspire my future knitting creations, if I can surround myself with colours like these even in colder climes then perhaps it will ward off some of the SAD symptoms. Having immersed myself in all things knitty recently I also chuckled to myself that even in observing simple objects and colours I see knitting projects that are to be. Is it just me or is this usual?!

This should be a cabled hat and scarf

Needs to be a stripy jumper or baby blanket

Needs to be a stripy jumper or baby blanket

Now I just need to think about what yarns to knit roses and tables in!

Blogtober Fest

Through the many serendipities that form my online meanderings, I came across a post by Knitting Nix explaining that she was taking part in Blogtober Fest, a mission to blog every day during October. Bearing in mind my sentiments expressed in IOU, one can understand my excitement at taking part. So I’m 3 days late in starting, but forgive me! You can sign up here if you want to be a little late starting too!


2 responses to “Mists and mellow fruitfulness…

  1. I will keep looking for the daily updates of your Blogtober Fest

  2. happymousefairy

    I’m loving the photos which you’re adding to your blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have fun with Blogtober! It’s a committment too far for me, but I’ll enjoy sitting back and watching this space blossom like that rather gorgeous rose above ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, you can ‘out’ me if you like ๐Ÿ˜‰

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