Manos Maxima Mittens … mmmmmmm

My Blogtober Fest challenge is going well, two posts in 4 days of October so far. Well, we can’t all be perfect and its a good start!

I’m delighted on this, err, cold grey October day, to present to you, my Blog readers, my first Finished Object of October!

Manos Maxima Mittens


My love affair with this easy pattern started when I contacted the designer, Helen Bingham, to ask if I could recommend her pattern in my Knit Kits for sale at Yarnsville and the craft fairs that I am attending. Helen kindly gave her permission, and I set about making a sample pair, which may just be claimed by my mother around the Christmas period!

I chose a worsted weight yarn, Maxima by Manos del Uruguay for these mittens. It was the first time that I had worked with this yarn, and oh my word, what a delight it was. A single plyed, kettle dyed, 100% merino yarn from one of my favourite yarn company, the yarn is almost unimaginably soft to handle, easy to work and the colours are simply incredible. I cannot verify the claim, but I have heard that Manos Maxima is very similar to the delightful Malabrigo. As a relatively new knitter I still hear the words Malabrigo with a sense of awe, so I can only assume that to be compared to Malabrigo is to Maxima what it would be for me to be compared to Kate Middleton in terms of looks, or Kate Davies in terms of knitting skills! Praise indeed.

What more does one need to warm up those winter days than some popping pink highlighted with citrusy oranges and softer pinks all mixing in to create a true Peach Melba pallette, with no pooling to be seen thanks to some fairly short colour changes.

Close Up Mittens

Warming colours for winter

Helen has created a very easy to follow pattern, and also very quick to create. It is definitely possible to create an entire mitten in less than one day. I am somewhat restricted to evening knitting, and I made 2 finished mittens and most of one in 4 evenings. Why most of one? I committed the fatal sin of not swatching, and created a mitten that would fit an adolescent hand but certainly did not fit my adult one. I felt somewhat like an Ugly Sister as I tried to squeeze my hand into the tiny glove, but unlike the original Ugly Sister I didn’t panic, I just swatched – like I should have done the first time – and cast on a new version using 6mm needles rather than the specified 4.5mm. With 200m/219yds in each 100g skein, I was able to create two full adult mittens and all bar a thumb of a teenage one and I still have a good amount left, I would imagine enough to finish the teenage glove and make another to match (handy, really). There is a lovely young lady who comes to the Yarnsville Knit Night so I shall donate the unfinished mitten, a 4.5mm circular and the remaining yarn to her along with the pattern. She’s a new knitter, but this pattern is very easy to follow and I’m sure she’ll do fine. There is a requirement to pick up 3 stitches around the thumb and I greatly improved my technique here with the help of an online tutorial, of which there are many. Ribbing, and simple increases and decreases as well as knitting in the round, are the only other techniques in use so these mittens are suitable for beginners to make non-square, non-scarf projects or for more advanced knitters to generate a lovely Finished Object in no time at all!


Cosy toasty mittens

The mittens are incredibly warm and cosy so will be a perfect winter accessory, and as October has deemed it appropriate to return to form and the weather has chilled somewhat, it seems that this is just the sort of thing that we will all need this winter!

With an RRP of £13.79, Yarnsville is offering the Simple Mitten Knit Kit in the gorgeous Peach Melba colourway for sale at a bargain price of £10. The kit includes one 100g skein of yarn, the pattern and of course, help and advice on the pattern if required! Until the website is updated, just email your order to and these mittens could be yours by the weekend!


3 responses to “Manos Maxima Mittens … mmmmmmm

  1. Oh, how I love that yarn! It knits up so beautifully, and it is so soft to use, it’s like a gentle caress as you knit… I would imagine that putting your hands into those every day would be bliss! It is actually my fave yarn at the moment, I keep trying to find reasons to cast on a new project just to get more of it! I’m hoping it will make the dreaded i-cord a far more pleasant experience…

  2. What a lovely pair of mittens – that colourway is delicious!

  3. Oh! Those are really nice! Good work!

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