Life Is Just a Series of Interlinked Stitches

“Everything happens for a reason”, my naturally optimistic American pal told me as I moaned about the directions my corporate life was taking.

“Sure.” I responded, without any hint of conviction and being, quite franky, puzzled as to what sort of reasons these things were happening to me for.

Then, a number of discrete events came about that made me remember the words of my trans Atlantic confidante.

I was on Twitter just as someone shouted out to the Universe that she needed 10mm DPNs. On behalf of the Universe, I shouted back that I had some and thus I discovered the gorgeous knitting designs from the mega talented Lou Butt of Lou Butt Designs. A few emails later and a friendly partnership is formed! And watch this space for exciting happenings on this front!

I gave away a ball of Artesano Silk Embrace in return for folks offering their opinion about whether Yarnsville should operate a Facebook shop. The name drawn out of the hat was the lovely long haired Loumo and so began a flurry of sharing of ideas and a love of yarn and once again I found a kindred spirit!

I went to a new knitting group in a different location. There was a lady knitting the finest most incredible shawl I’d ever seen but she was sitting across the room from me so apart from hearing her mention Ravelry we didn’t really talk. We left the event at the same time and swapped Ravelry usernames and then, following much friendly stalking, I found a true, honest to goodness, real life, not made up, Happymousefairy friend and I’m very happy to constantly be jealous of her knitting skills and her ability to collect more yarn than even I could only dream of!

And then of course there is the lady who happens to own the yarn company that I happen to have as the basis of my career. She’s my friend, my second mum, keeps me on the right path and has great advice about finishing techniques and how you SHOULD swatch and NEVER tie knots in things.

Life’s just a piece of knitted fabric, each person, place, event, comment, thought, deed being a stitch in the lovely drapy fabric that is life.

So here’s my series of interlinked stitches for now. If you’re on here then I’m grateful you’re part of my fabric 🙂

My Web

The Web Of My Life


3 responses to “Life Is Just a Series of Interlinked Stitches

  1. happymousefairy

    Aw, I’m really touched!
    (and yay! You did ‘out’ me 🙂 )

  2. You may notice on my highly accurate diagram of the web of my life that there was a entry for “Mittens” quite near to “Kate Davies” quite near to “YOU”. I shall say no more.

  3. 🙂 Happy it’s all going smoothly, thrilled with my new quick and easy to access yarn supplier and slightly abashed to be so kindly described! Congrats on keeping up the blogtober-ness…off to do mine shortly!

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