Louise Butt Designs

Through the serendipity that is the T’interweb I met a lovely lady recently who was in need of big fat DPNs. My interest was piqued because Yarnsville happen to stock big fat DPNs and additionally because I wondered what sort of a sock one could craft on what are basically tree trunk needles – birch trees, granted, but nevertheless, big fat needles.

Through the course of this transaction, the lady in question was identified as none other than Louise Butt of Louise Butt Designs. Having been somewhat envious of my friends brush with knitting royalty, I was delighted that karma saw it fit to bring me my very own piece of knitting royalty in the form of Lou.  Not only does Lou create some very lovely knitted items and garments, she was formerly very well connected in knitting magazine circles!

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a penchant for knitting projects that are quick, easy and accessible to lots of people. So imagine my delight when I stalked Lou’s presence online and saw the likes of these beauties:

I was grateful to the Universe for bringing us together at just the right time, and Lou and I have shared some pretty exciting ideas as to how we could work together. Let’s face it, yarn and patterns go together like … well they need each other!

Watch this space for news of this exciting alliance!


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