Making Monday

Well, if you have to blog every day in October, as I have signed up to do, it really helps to have some pointers for content. So when I came across the concept of a Making Monday post, this seemed just the right sort of inspiration I needed.

My Making Monday post is in two parts: a section where I seek advice on something that I am trying to make and another where I share that which we have actually made!

So … the “Please help me I’m stuck” part! Having being inspired at the Knitting & Stitching Show with lots of ideas about how I could better set up and display my wares when I attend local markets, craft markets and fairs, I came home determined to make a knitted sign, made up from knitted bunting. A quick look online and I started a bordered stocking stitch triangle which I then added my initial to using duplicate stitch. I was happy with this, apart from slight curling despite the garter border, but the catalyst for me searching for other methods was that lots the letters that feature in YARNSVILLE are wider at their lower reaches than at their tops, and triangles are exactly opposite to that so I was concerned that I wouldn’t fit in the A’s, R’s and N’s – and to be honest I don’t want to build a brand on Ysville!

Triangle bunting

Attempt 1

So onto attempt number 2, a square flag in which I am using the Intarsia method of adding the letter.

Attempt 2

Attempt 2

The seed stitch border is stopping any curling, but the letter, which I’m using a chart for, seems off centre. The chart is the same width as the stocking stitch section, so it ought not be, but it seems to be and I’m just not enamoured with this attempt. Then this morning I came across some garter stitch triangles (no bunting) with the letters added afterwards in chain stitch and whilst the letters won’t be as visible or bold I’m wondering if this might be the best option.So, to save my sanity in regards of this bunting – which I have to have ready for Sunday 16th when I will be at Duck Pond Market in Ruislip – please comment and let me know what you would do!

So, onto the “we actually made this” making Monday post. Yesterday, Number One Son and I had great fun making fudge! We shopped …



We mixed…



We got a little messy…



We cooked and coloured…



We tested…








2 responses to “Making Monday

  1. Wow – pink fudge!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Really sorry, I’m not sure what I would do re the bunting – hopefully someone else can help.

  2. happymousefairy

    That pink fudge looks awesome!

    I’ll see what I can do about bunting – but currently Hawaii is sitting in the knitting naughty corner, so maybe a bunting triangle or two would be therapeutic and calming… hope that pure (scratchy) Jacobs wool will be alright!

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