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OK, OK, I haven’t gone crazy and I’m not giving away my lovely scrumptious knitting yarns, but we are offering you the chance to earn yarn just by helping us out! Yarnsville is a friendly company and I don’t want to work alone so I need your help and its only right that I share the yarny love amongst all my knitterly friends!

So, the Yarnsville Ambassador Program is now launched, and we need you!

If you are a knitter/crocheter who can help out Yarnsville with new product development, product reviews and test knitting as well as generally spreading the word, we want to hear from you! Email now to sign up and receive a unique 10% discount code and start earning points to redeem against Artesano, Manos del Uruguay and Rico Design yarns, knitting patterns and accessories!

Just a little yarn p*rn

Just a little yarn p*rn (Manos Lace)

What’s In It For Me?

In return for being a great Ambassador you will receive a unique 10% discount code that you can use for all your purchses with Yarnsville. Additionally, so that you can share the love, you can give this code to as many of your friends and families as possible and they will also receive a 10% discount on their orders!

As well as this generous discount, you will earn Yarnsville points for being a great Ambassador, as shown below. These points can be used to purchase products from and at Christmas the Ambassador with the highest number of points will receive a lovely Christmas goodie bag!

Manos Silk Blend

Manos Silk Blend - yum yum

For example, if you post a blog post featuring your unique 10% discount code you would earn 5 points for the blog post, 10 points for each new person that uses your discount code and 2 points for each £1 that those people spend with Yarnville – so from posting a blog post that you might do anyway you can earn free yarn, patterns and knitting accessories!

2 points
– For each £1 spent with by yourself
– For each £1 spent with by someone who you referred to Yarnsville (identified via your unique code)
– Responding to surveys issued by Yarnsville
– Providing feedback regarding new product development and any other areas specified by Yarnsville

5 points
– A blog post linking to
– “Liking” the Yarnsville Facebook page
– Subscribing to the Yarnsville blog at

10 points
– A referral resulting in an order with
– A podcast featuring Yarnsville

Between 20 – 200 points for knitting a sample as specified by Yarnsville
Between 50 – 250 points for designing a pattern and producing as sample as specified by Yarnsville

From time to time Yarnsville will specify other points values for other activities and you will be notified via email of these. There will also be other exclusive special offers from time of time which we will let you know about via email!

Full details of the Yarnsville Ambassador program can be seen online here:

Come join the Ambassadors now and start earning free yarn today!


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