Too much yarn and not enough time

…This may be a common problem, but it is certainly one that I am currently facing. My head used to buzz with knitterly ideas when I was working in Corporate Land and I used to complain that I had to actually, like, work, for 40 hours a week and had no time at all to make all my knitting dreams come true.

So I resigned. Not, purely, as a means of generating more knitting time, one should point out, but it was – in my head at least – a nice side effect of my removing myself from the corporate career ladder.

But I set up a yarn company and was sure that with all that time surrounded by yarn would mean that I would surely not lament the lack of hours in the day anymore. Ha! See, to sell yarn you need samples, and to get samples you need to knit them. So here is my current project list – and as by nature I am a monogamous knitter – you can understand that I just don’t know how it will all happen. Add in that I’ve vowed to knit all the Christmas presents that we shall be giving to the adults in our lives this year, and you can imagine that my needles are smoking – or at least should be since I’m currently blogging not knitting!

So, check out this little listy of current projects:

  • Autumn Leaves Bag – Artesano DK
  • Lacy Scarf – Artesano DK
  • Cosy Shrug – Artesano Hummingbird DK
  • Snuggle Bunny – Artesano Hummingbird DK
  • Cranford Mitts – P/HOP (Future blog post coming soon)
  • Bunting triangles – Assorted scraps
  • Coffee cup cozies for nursery carers of Number One Son
  • Sparkle socks for my mum
  • Hats for Dad and Dad In Law – Rico Chunky 100% Alpaca
  • Bramble Hat for Mum In Law – Artesano Superchunky
  • Scarf – Rico Can Can
  • Scarf – Rico Loopy
  • Duck Soup jacket for Number One Son – Rico Chunky 100% Alpaca

…I’m not sure that this is a complete list and it definitely doesn’t include all those little projects that I want to do just for the joy of knitting – such as scrap yarn socks!

So any hints, tips or words of wisdom as to how to get through this little lot, do let me know.

For now, I’m off to be unfaithful to my Cranford Mitts and cast on!


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