Finished Object Friday (FO Friday for short!)

Ha! 21.56 on Friday and I’m just blogging, but it still counts as today so all good. I’m proud of my commitment to Blogtoberfest so far and I’m really enjoying the challenge, the discovery of lots of things about me and also others, my skills, my likes and dislikes, my perspectives. I’m also reading way more blogs than I was and reading about others folks’ journeys into fibre lands is only ever enjoyable.

Sadly, I don’t actually have a knitted Finished Object today. Not even the Rico Can Can scarf that I cast off last night, since it still needs its ends weaving in, which is no mean feat with the acres of ruffles and fine netting.

What I do have though, after 2am surfing last night – cured finally by a listen to a Miss Elle Knits podcast* – is a plan. A plan for this blog, during Blogtoberfest and beyond, and a plan that means, indeeds secures the fact that this blog will never ever be a Finished Object. Which, unlike knitterly projects, is a good thing. Joining in with my fellow knitterly bloggers, I will be endeavouring to follow the schedule below:

  • Monday: Making Monday – What have I been making?
  • Tuesday: Trading Tuesday – updates, special offers, and giveaways from Yarnsville
  • Wednesday:WIP Wednesday. A review of what is on my needles on this day.
  • Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday. Could be a introspective discursion of my life at that time, or a quote that I like. It will be thoughtful though!
  • Friday: Finished Object Friday. One cannot imagine that the items featured in WIP Wednesday
  • Weekend Wonderings: Even during the blogging marathon that is Blogtoberfest I shall permit myself to miss one blog post but aim to provide at least one each weekend. One must have a day of rest after all!

Does a completed blog plan count as a Finished Object?

* Miss Elle Knits podcast is awesome and Miss Elle is equally great. However, her voice is just too silky that I find the podcasts the ultimate in relaxation tools. I close my eyes and drift off and before I know it, I still haven’t heard more than 5 minutes of it. Should really stop listening in the car (*joke*)


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