Making Monday

The fruits of our labour this week are actually the sum of several weeks of work by my husband and father-in-law, but this weekend saw the inaugural outing of the all-new, much-improved, nifty, natty Yarnsville Trailer!

Whilst Yarnsville is an online business, I also really enjoy taking my scrummy yummy yarns to craft fairs and markets around the country. There is nothing that can quite replace a squish of a yarn or feasting your eyes on the delicious colours of the hand-dyed Manos, and I love to hear the squeals and mmm’s of people as they acquaint their selves with my yarns, patterns and knitted up samples. Due to the often inclement British weather, one must provide a covering for markets these days, and, without wishing to spark a sexism row as I am as capable of many things as my male counterparts and some, more so, but it remains a fact that I cannot lift and erect a 50kg gazebo alone. This caused a problem in my market trading career and stunted my much treasured independence somewhat. So, Dear Husband, relishing the opportunity to help Yarnsville without needing to understand plys or be able to purl, set about designing a Transformer-esque market stall that was easy to transport, would be accomodated by a standard hatchback car and I could manage alone.

The Yarnsville Stall as a WIP

So, with a little bargain hunting, some ingenuity of the parts of the males and some baby-sitting from the female grandparents of NOS, the Yarnsville trailer stall was born!

Yarnsville Trailer Unfolding

Yarnsville Trailer Unfolding

Hitched on the back of my car, the trailer transports much of my stock of Artesano, Manos and Rico Design yarns, and then wheels easily and smoothly to its final trading point, before unfolding to become a table big enough to accomodate my entire range, plus a large Inspiration Station comprising of a variety of patterns, including some free ones, and the latest magazines. I can hang my samples – such as Owlet, the lovely Hawaii waistcoat (a snip at just 2 skeins of Manos Silk Blend), and the frou-frou but ever so popular Can Can scarves, from the Jumbrella. (Some time ago on holiday my Dear Husband saw a large umbrella and said, with much joviality “Ha, ha, a Jumbo Umbrella – a Jumbrella”. He thought he’d coined the term but we since learnt that the term was quite common. We revoked the patent application!) I have started creating some lovely bright knitted bunting which can be seen in the photos below, and I’m very grateful to one of the Yarnsville Ambassadors in particular for taking the time and making the effort to make these brilliant triangles for me.

The Yarnsville Stall in all its glory!

It was a busy day at Duck Pond Market today and I spent much of the day demonstrating the wonders of Rico Can-Can to my customers, but who can complain about a day spent talking knitting and yarn to people who are interested in knitting and yarn?!

I met some yarny friends who always come out to support me, and also some lovely returning customers. One of the joys that I am discovering as my time at the helm of Yarnsville grows is being able to say “Well hello Jane, how are you getting on with your tank top?”. Engaging with people makes them feel valuable and important as customers – as they are – and for me my enthusiasm for the yarns and products that I sell shine through and every customer to me is like a member of an extended knitting group, so I look forward to my monthly updates on their projects.

Selling yarn, action shot πŸ™‚

So, talking of project updates I’m going to check out some more Making Monday posts πŸ™‚


One response to “Making Monday

  1. What a brilliant idea for your trailer-cum-stall! You’d never realise there was a trailer hidden under all that yarn πŸ™‚

  2. what a great idea. and your stall looks great.

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