WIP Wednesday

Yarnsville knitting blogI am a serial monogamist. Not only have I been married for over 9 years now, and been with my Dear Husband for more than a decade, but I find myself incapable of casting on more than one knitting project at any given time. It feels wrong to me and as much as I’m tempted to just slip some stitches onto my needles and starting a new project, I’m almost physically unable to make myself do so. Maybe its that I am a relatively new knitter but I find that I need to dedicate my efforts to one project at one time, lavishing all my intellect and determination on just one cause. And towards the end of the given project I find myself itching for something new and fantasising about the pleasures of a new pattern and a new yarn and the tantalising thoughts of a new project tease me with their so near and so farness. But still I cannot start the next project until I have finished the current one, it feels as incomprehensible to me as slipping between the sheets with the milkman (which would be difficult since we buy our milk from a local supermarket). Why can’t I just be unfaithful for once, c’mon, let me be a project floozy for just a while!

Having signed up to participate and blog about “A Year of Projects” and having currently 40+ projects on that list, to be unveiled in my first YOP post on Sunday, I am concerned that I will just never finish them all due to my unwaiving and rigid faithfulness to whatever finds itself on my needles. I am continuing to debate what should feature on my list – I love them all! – but I know that I am strictly a one at a time girl and I don’t want to surround myself with an army of knitting Chippendales (the male variety not the furniture) so that I won’t be tempted. Its almost that I want to choose an ugly project for every beautiful one so that I won’t be torn. But there are so many pretty, lovely, delightful projects laying themselves open to me, and so many more now that I have discovered that 4ply doesn’t bite. What to do!? I am monogamous by nature and I am also indecisive. Humph. Why did I sign up to a year of commitment to projects and having to choose the projects and then put them in order of attack – I was just the wrong person to do this. However, life at the helm of Yarnsville is pushing me in places I didn’t think I’d ever go, so I am actively seeking out opportunities to challenge my natural tendencies – so I am stamping on my indecisiveness and doing this thing!

Which was all a long preamble to the fact that I have only one WIP at the moment, and likely that is all I shall ever have.

Cranford Mitt

Cranford Mitt

The Cranford Mitts are my second attempt with sport weight yarn and the pattern is available from p/hop. This is an incredible charity project whereby some really very talented knitting designers have donated patterns to P/HOP for free. You can download the pattern but you make a donation to Medecin san Frontieres based on the P/HOP value that you’ve got out of the pattern. P/HOP is Pennies per Hour of Pleasure. It’s really very thought provoking when one stops of consider the hours of pleasure derived from a knitting project. Some projects frustrate, some challenge, but there is always a pleasure. You should definitely check out the patterns, download and donate.

Cranford Mitts

Cranford Mitt The First

I did just this with the Cranford Mitts which are my first foray into lace knitting. I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in sportweight for these mitts, which are a gift for my mother. I had a steep learning curve when starting these lacy mitts but the pattern soon became rhythmic. I had a break from the project for a little while whilst I prepared for and attended Duck Pond Market but I was able to complete Numero Uno today. I have used the magic loop method which is my new favourite method of knitting in the round, and hope to be casting on its more perfect sibling this evening.

Lace pattern

Lace pattern and thumb border

I intend to concentrate more fully on the repetition so it will be interesting to see how long it takes. I am seeing my mum at the weekend so would love to complete the pair by Saturday … here’s hoping!


5 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Ooh, I’m magic looping at the mo too, it must be in the air! The super chunky mitts were ML’d on my teeny 10mm circs, I was so impressed that I got away with it! Next goal I have is doing both simultaneously on one needle, sounds like that (along with today’s weather) might revive my sock knitting passion…
    Enjoy the lace…next step ‘Pretty Thing’! Lol!

  2. happymousefairy

    Those are really pretty mitts, and they suit that yarn very well don’t they!

    Hey, here’s a thought for choosing projects for your Year of Projects – list them all in any order, and assign a number from 1 to wherever. Then use a random number generator from the interweb. Takes all that angst out of the equation!

    Well done on signing up for the YoP btw, that’s awesome!

    I’m a project floozie – I started doing some lace last night with the gorgeously squooshy Manos Lace you mentioned last post. It’s lurvely 🙂 But I’m out of practice with 2ply lace, I’m on attempt #3 at present…

  3. I wish I could be as monogamous about projects as I am in relationships! I have all manner of WIPs going at any point in time. Perhaps you should see this as a gift, not a curse :).

  4. Hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I’m away from home at the moment and my email isn’t working, but I’ll get in touch once my daughter is in bed and I can do a quick count (I don’t have email but I do have ball bands….).

    YoP is brilliant, my knitting has really come along. I only knit one thing at a time too, and I’m still getting through the list fine. I have one knit project, one large crochet, and sometimes one smaller crochet project. If I try to do too many things at once they each end up taking far longer than they would do if I did them one at a time, and I don’t get that delicious moment of panic at the end of a project “what do I now?”.

  5. Those are lovely Cranfords. Thank you for linking to p/hop, I’m happy you like our project.

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