Year of Projects 1 – The List Unveiled..

I am indecisive. I think. Am I? I definitely was yesterday, but am I still? Not sure. Can’t decide.

So, my indecisiveness now agreed, why would such a person sign up for a Year of Projects involving searching through the almost squillions of patterns and projects available to me and choosing some – not too many, not too few – to make up my future knitting life for the next 12 months. Why would I? Insanity.

But, in a period of rapid personal growth such as I am, I am seeking out opportunities to do things that make me uncomfortable, to take on challenges that I would normally shy away from. And so here I am, announcing my list for the Year Of Projects.

Now, dear Blog Reader, know that this list has caused me angst and mid-night awakenings worrying about content, or lack of content, or should-it-be-content. I have puzzled about the number of sock projects (two, is that enough for a year) and the lack of larger projects. I have wondered how many cowls one person can produce, and whether N.O.S. might need some summery knits rather than wintery ones. I have cogitated and conferred. I have questioned and challenged, removed and added and removed again. And then added again. Hm.

So, in no particular order, ta-dah!

  1. Sheep Heid
  2. Owlings
  3. Catching Butterflies
  4. Who?
  5. Peerie Flooers
  6. Peerie Flooers Mittens
  7. Thumbsucker Mitts
  8. Mary Jane Footies
  9. Diagonal Ribbed Cowl
  10. Ugg bag correlate pattern
  11. Hermione’s Everyday Socks
  12. Millwater
  13. Muggs Monkey Coffee Cozy
  14. Bramble Jelly
  15. Bramble Hat
  16. Commuter Mittens
  17. Simple Ribbed Cowl
  18. Duck Soup
  19. Knitting Needle Bag
  20. Alpine
  21. Little Treasures
  22. Pembroke Vest
  23. Faux Cable Socks
  24. Star Mitts
  25. Cabled bag from Knit Today October

25 in 52 weeks seems OK, one every two weeks but of course some will take longer and some less. Bearing in mind my monogamistic nature, it shall likely be one project at a time, unless I can force myself out of that particular comfort zone, but anyway, thank to you, dear Blog Readers, I am looking upon my faithfulness as a blessing, resulting in fewer tangles of both the yarn and my sanity.

I am pushing my boundaries of control as well and rather than allowing that little Project Manager on my shoulder to dictate that the Plan does not vary or deviate, I shall allow fluctuations, contractions and expansions, changes, edits and modifications. It shall be part of the fun. And, blogging regularly upon progress will be interesting to look back on – how much did I change? What was added, what removed? What started but not finished? What started and completed in record time?

There is one rule – and this is a little boundary forced of the financial austerity measures that we have enforced upon our home – these projects must only be made from stash yarn or yarn that I stock for Yarnsville. The exception to this rule is Sheep Heid and the two Peeries Flooers, but these have been mitigated by sharing yarn with other knitters, a mighty good idea. In addition to the austerity measures forcing this yarn diet, I actually find the boundary quite fun – it pushes me to work with yarns that have languished in stash for some time, it forces some substitutions to be made, and it removes a layer of decision making, which as we have established, can only be useful to someone – ahem – like me.

So, let the fun commence!

*Disclaimer: This list is subject to change at any time!


One response to “Year of Projects 1 – The List Unveiled..

  1. I love your stash yarn/Yarnsville rule, and have fun with the YoP!

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