FO Friday

Regrettably you will have noticed the distinct lack of Blogtivity in the past few days. Epic blog fail on my part I am afraid. Life, and working out the Ebay API amongst other things, just got in the way. Who knew that being a full time mum, housewife and yarn shop owner would be so very challenging?!

However, my time away has not been fruitless … I have two FO’s to announce! This is somewhat rare for me, being a somewhat slow knitter and also faithful to one project at a time. But this week I have two. I’m not sure if I was sage enough to add these projects to my Year of Projects list, but c’est la vie.

So, firstly … ta dah! The P/Hop Cranfords:

Yarnsville Cranford Mitts
Even the uninitiated will probably be able to spot the second, and more successful, mitt, but I’m learning to be less harsh on myself and I’m actually proud that (a) I completed a project in yarn thinner than DK (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, sportweight no less!) and (b) it was my first lace project. So on two counts I’m happy. What’s more, so is my mother who I gifted them to during a recent visit oop North. She is proudly wearing them to work to keep cold light bulbs away from her hands.
More Yarnsville mitts

The second FO of this week is actually a miracle. A truly incredible happening that I am still in shock and awe about.

Yesterday, I received a consignment of yarn for Yarnsville from Rico Design. Now, you can imagine the joy for someone like me – and likely like you too – of receiving a large box stacked to the gunnells full of yarn. I’ve been stocking Rico Design for the popular Can Can, but with each weekly order I am trying others of their products. Now, since I got hooked on  introduced to 100% natural fibre yarns about a year ago, I have had somewhat of the yarn snob about me, shunning lesser manmade fibres and joking about squeakiness and flammability. And I will only sell yarn in Yarnsville that I myself love and would happily knit with. So I was a little wary about ordering their Fashion Super Chunky as it had 40% acrylic content, along with a respectable 60% new wool fibre. So I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday when, after ripping open carefully opening my box, I was able to squish and squash the 100g balls in black, emerald, bordeaux, grey and fuschia. The colours are good, and the yarn has a good squish about it. But the most wonderful thing – pointed out to me by my way more scientific than me husband – was the yardage, or in this case meterage. 100g gets you 90m, which in Super Chunky terms, is a LONG WAY! I had already queued the “Big Wool Little Hat” project on Ravelry, and now I felt this was the optimum time to start it. So, I cast on, continuing to be pleased with the yarn handle and how it was knitting up. Its a loose single ply as is the trend for these ultra bulky yarns. I chose the grey colourway, which seems to be rather on trend at the moment.

Seth in Yarnsville HatAnd by the end of Shameless, a mere 2 hours after I started, I got this (Nb Hat, not toddler):
I love the design, with its mossy ear flaps and cute elfish peak. The pattern was clear and easy to follow, and the yarn was – well – just fine – to work with.Seth in Elf Hat

Its stitch definition is great too.
Yarnsville Rico Design Stitch Definition And what’s more, this hat weighs a mere 48g so I have more than half (by 1g!) of the 100g ball left, with which I plan to make a Quick Cabled Cowl (again, not on YOP list, doh!)

I shall likely not be back in Blogland again before Monday as I am attending the Richmond Craft & Artisan Market on Sunday. It’s organised by the same person who runs the Ruislip Duck Pond Market, and I love going there. Its soooooo not like working! I have met some lovely people, and I get to talk about and demonstrate yarns and knitting all day!

Off to check out some other FO Friday posts at Tami’s Amis 🙂


10 responses to “FO Friday

  1. Eee, everything is so cute! I love the pink border on the fingerless mitts and that is a great toddler hat. Even better is that you got to have a surprise FO – those are the best.

  2. Great job on the mitts, the lace looks amazing. Love the little hat, so cute 🙂

  3. Lovely! The mitts are so dainty, and the hat is adorable.

  4. Hi!
    Beautiful work! Love that hat. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. Love the mitts, and the hat is great, too.

  6. That hat is ridiculously cute:D How adorable, and so fast to make! It’s always nice when you find a yarn that surprises you.

  7. the mitts look lovely – you did a great job for your first time with lace! and I love the hat too, it is so awesome when things work up that quickly =)

  8. Great job on your first lace project!

  9. I, too, have begun shunning all non-natural fibre yarns and was mildly disgusted earlier today when I found a shawl I’d started, and fully intented to finish, was actually in 100% acrylic. I suppose it doesn’t matter really but now I’ll forever know it’s ‘only’ acrylic.
    You should be very pleased with the cute little mittens though, they look darling.
    All the best.

  10. Lovely mits and what a quick cute hat!

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