WIP Wednesday


In a bid to push my boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone I am trying to manage several – well, more than one – projects at once. It makes for content on WIP Wednesday if not too much on FO Friday, and it keeps my mind busy!

So, here we are. The easy peasy fingerless mitts are now, well half a pair …

Yarnsville GloveYarnsville Glove from Above

I have used Artesano Superwash for these gloves, in Lime Green and I was really pleased by it. Of course, I should expect no less, its 100% merino and all Artesano yarns of of a very high quality, but for some reason I was. I love how soft it is, I love its squishiness, and its lovely to work with. I have a bit of the dreaded second glove syndrome, but will get moving on it.  My mum, mitt freak that she is, is waiting patiently!

Second on the needles at the moment is something that will both delight and disappoint in equal measure. Let’s do the delighting bit first. Happymousefairy, do you recall our first meeting when you so kindly gifted me a Zauberball in blacks and browns and maroons. I was so full of hope, but an early cast on proved fruitless and frustrating. I considered giving it back, or gifting it on, but something told me that I should hold onto this little baby. And now, I was proved right … look! yarnsville sock
I did all this in one evening using teensy siny 2.75mm circs. I used Magic Loop because I have mislaid my 20cm circs (very annoying indeed I really wanted to use them!). The colours are all a little out thanks to the camera flash, but I was in love with the pattern which was plain stockinette on one side and featured a flowing river of rib down the front. I did a whole 43 rounds in just one evening, which is a 10 round rib section and a whole pattern repeat of 33 rounds.
Sock with Zauberball
Happymousefairy would, I knew, be a very Happymousefairy indeed knowing that her Zauberball was being loved and that I was further tackling and getting to grips with the finer yarns of life. So, I tried the semi-sock on, and it was a little tight. “Oh well, I thought, not to worry … mum’s legs are slimmer than mine and at least these socks are not baggy like most of mine are…”. So, in readiness for my stall at Richmond Market the following day, I poddled off to bed, happy with the achievement. So happy with the achievement was I that I couldn’t sleep, so I was browing Ravelry on my tablet PC. I looked at the pattern for my socks once more, and then it hit me … “Yarn Weight:DK“. I had knit a pattern designed for Double Knit in 4ply. Make no wonder they were tight!

So my WIP socks were frogged and the Zauberball was whole once more. I found a new pattern – Monkey by Cookie A (another Happymousefairy fave) but I am doing a No Purl version. I have cast on and done a few rounds of ribbing but I’m still very sore from the sock disaster that just befell me!

I am hoping to receive the yarn from Jamieson & Smith this week so that I can divide it into 3 – no easy job with 9 balls of yarn with strange names like Yuglet and all natural colours so no easy definition of which is which. Once seperated I shall be sharing with my fellow Sheep Heid makers and I’m hoping to cast on my version too!


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