And now … the end is near …

Well, what a long time it is since I blogged – pretty much a whole month. Forgive me, blogosphere, and forgive me blog readers. Blogtoberfest obviously took my all!

Big news here at  Yarnsville. Having resigned from a job in which I wasn’t very happy at all, I started Yarnsville. And it was one of the best times ever and I learned a lot and I met a lot of lovely people and I had so much fun. But learnings and nice folk and fun don’t, unfortunately, pay the mortgage and it became time that I sought paid work once more.

In this economic climate, I feel very very fortunate to have found a job that I could do, really wanted to do, and I feel even luckier to be formally offered that job today – the first job I applied for in my job search I got!! I am, as of January 2012 anyway, the Global Continuous Improvement Manager for the Harley Davidson Motor Company, and I’m very happy to be so. There’s a lot of history in my career and I’ve been carrying some baggage but I’ve finally been able to let go of that with this job and it feels great.

But – a 40 hour week, a 2 hour a day commute to and from Oxford, and a role that involves frequent travel to the USA, Singapore and Latin America, as well as my more familiar Europe – means that I simply cannot continue with Yarnsville.

So I’m thrilled to be moving forward to new and exciting times, and finally using the skills I’ve worked so hard to gain, but I look back on the Yarnsville times – not with sadness for I have no regrets – but with fondness. What has characterised the period for me, apart from being surrounded by some very lovely yarns, has been the people. I can’t name them all here, there are too many – but all the customers who I’ve helped chose the right yarn, and have come back and back again made the time worthwhile. I have had the fortune to meet some incredible people that I now consider friends, and felt truly welcomed into the knitterly community by some awesome people around the industry from magazine eds to designers. Then there are those who were friends before Yarnsville and are friends now, who stayed true throughout, offered inspiration and hope and sometimes just a kick up my rear. Couldn’t have done it without them. Through this blog I’ve become a regular reader of some really awesome blogs, and my Google Reader is bulging with posts everyday. I shall continue to read! And of course, the super brilliant folks at Artesano deserve a special mention for their kindness, patience, and the most squooshiest yarns ever.

Now I have really enjoyed having a blog though I haven’t been so frequent in posting of late. There was a lot going on, not to mention a two and a half hour final interview that involved 2 presentations, 3 role plays and 3 other meetings with two senior directors! Still, my dilemma remains, do I continue to have a blog and post updates on my projects, my yarn purchases (YAY! The yarn diet is over! Its a good thing to do, but oh boy, I have some yarn shopping to do!), et al? I suspect I should use a different address so maybe that is what I will do, I hope you will all follow me on the other side.

So, thanks for everything, its been a blast xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


3 responses to “And now … the end is near …

  1. so pleased for you!!! You must be really excited. And travel as well – I am a bit jealous:) Sock knitting on planes, airports, everywhere!

  2. oh wow! All the best in your new job, and congratulations on getting through such an involved recruitment process successfully! Wishing you every happiness x

  3. happymousefairy

    You already know how happy I am for you 🙂

    If you do set up another blog to occasionally spin a yarn, let us know by putting a post up here with a linky – then we can follow!

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